Adam Bromell Videogame Environment Artist

I am a 3D artist who has been working in the videogame industry professionally since 2004. Currently I am a Lead Artist for Ubisoft, working on Assassin's Creed: Unity.

Contact Information

Email: adambromell[at]

Shipped Titles
I have contributed to and received full credit for my work on these games. My roles ranged from Lead Artist to Environment Artist.

Splintercell BlacklistSpace MarineChaos Rising40th DayGhostbustersWolfensteinStacked

The following is my environment art portfolio. For examples of my work (on crude
web pages!) for Chaos Rising, Ghostbusters, Wolfenstein, and the Outfit please click
their thumbnails above.

All content created by Adam Bromell which is not used in a specific video game is Copyright © 2011 Adam Bromell, unless stated otherwise. All other artwork is shown with permission.